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Weekly Youth Events

Feeling lonely?
Need encouragement? Looking for a place to hangout?
We are gathering weekly for community! Feel free to jump in when you’re available.

This is a place for you.

Weekly Youth Sermon (in-person and on CBCCOC Youtube).
10:45am Sunday School (in-person and on Zoom)

7:30 – 9:30pm. Youth Group (in-person and on Zoom)

If you need our Zoom password, check your emails or message your small group leader.

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Our Recent Mental Health Series for Parents

Hey Parents. It was a genuine pleasure for me to meet with you the last two weekends and talk about mental health issues your youth are facing. If you missed the event, you can watch the replays.

Week 1:

  • How to build trust using empathy, like Jesus does
  • Connecting through your child’s love languages
  • Using Attunement and Containment to develop healthy Attachment

Week 1 video.
Week 1 powerpoint.

Week 2:

  • Understanding and helping youth with anxiety and depression
  • Understanding and helping youth with addictions to screens and pornography.
  • How to develop resilient followers of Jesus

Week 2 video.
Week 2 powerpoint.

Upcoming Changes to our Mask Policy

As you know, early on in the pandemic our ministry team decided to follow the Irvine Unified School District’s (IUSD) policies for masks. Up until recently, this meant requiring masks when indoors with students. Starting on March 14, in accordance with state guidelines, IUSD will no longer be requiring masks indoors, but “strongly recommending.” You can read the full text here:

Our Haven counselors met last Sunday to discuss this policy change and whether or not we think it’s best to continue following IUSD policies. This team includes parents of Haven youth. We decided we ought to remain consistent with following IUSD’s policies.

Starting on Friday March 18, masks will no longer be required indoors at Haven, but strongly recommended. I plan to wear a mask and some counselors still will, but we will not be requiring them. We also will allow youth to eat indoors at our events.

Here is what is not changing: our commitment to care for the safety of Haven. We will continue to have hand sanitizer available at multiple places in our rooms. We will still run the central HVAC system with Merv-13 filters. We will still run HEPA filters in our Praise Center and JAM rooms, as well as the central office area. Also, we still offer live Zoom and Youtube streaming.

Our ministry team also understands that situations with Covid and its variants change regularly, and the time may come when we need to require masks again indoors.

Thanks for allowing us to serve your families, and we look forward to our continuing partnership in raising your youth to be resilient disciples of Jesus.

Pastor Elliott Siu

Haven Youth Ministries

Holiday Events

Need some Christmas Tunes?

Haven has you covered. There’s something for everyone on our Christmas playlist.

Holiday Events!

  • On Saturday, December 11 from 5pm to 7pm we’ll have our drive through Christmas event! This will be at CBCCOC. Join us for an evening of celebrating the birth of Jesus. Many of us are already involved in musical performances for this night. Invite your friends! Here’s our Poster
  • Friday, Dec 17 is our Haven Christmas Party! We’ll have games, festive outfits, and a celebration of our Savior. Bring some friends!
  • Friday, Dec 24 is our Christmas Eve service. We’ll be celebrating with our church, and many of us from Haven are involved in the production. We’ll be sharing the Gospel, so bring a friend! They need the hope that only Jesus brings.
  • Friday, Dec 31 is a break! We are not having youth group that Friday. Go to bed early and get some sleep.

Let’s Stop Hunger.

On October 1st, Haven will be partnering with Rise Against Hunger to pack 10,000 meals for the hardest-hit parts of the globe. We’re inviting our entire CBCCOC family to help raise the $3,400 to pay for the supplies! Please pray about how you can be part of supplying the needs of people God loves. You can register or donate at the link below.

We’ll be packing the meals at church in the Fellowship Hall on October 1 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. For our youth, if you plan to join us to pack meals, you will need to register.

Thanks, Elliott

We’re Starting In-Person!

Of course, we will be following all the CDC recommendations for Houses of Worship, even ones that aren’t mandatory. That means we’ll stay under our 50% limit (65.5 people), wear face masks (we have 50 extra if you need one), and stay six feet apart (leave room for Jesus).

Brand new 4-stage true HEPA filters for our space. They have WIFI!
Please don’t use your phone to turn them on and off during the messages.

Our events will also be streamed online, either through Zoom or Youtube.

Here’s the current plan:

Friday Youth Group will also be streamed on Zoom, and small groups will have their own Zoom devices.


  • 9:30am Praise Singing with be on ACW’s Youtube Stream
  • 9:45am-ish Haven Youth message will be on the Haven Youtube Stream
  • 10:45am Sunday School will be on Zoom
  • Sunday’s are a bit complicated, so we’re hoping to streamline it in the coming weeks as we test things out.

So here’s the schedule:

  • Friday, May 7 (tomorrow) is still 100% on Zoom. Please don’t come to CBCCOC this Friday, unless you want to sit there alone and Zoom on your phone.
  • Sunday, May 9 will be in-person and online as described above. It’s also Mother’s Day, so make your mom a card.
  • Friday, May 14 will be Youth Group in-person and online.
  • Also, our Wednesday games are still 100% Zoom for now.

Video: Waiting for New Life. Pastor Elliott Siu.

12.13.2020 Youth Service How can I follow Jesus when I’m deeply troubled? This weekend we’re learning from Mary, as she hears the news that she will be the mother of Jesus. This was not her plan. She didn’t want this. How can we follow God when He decides to do something we didn’t expect or agree to?

We’re having an online Christmas party!

This Friday at 7:30pm we’ll be having a holly jolly time. Here’s what to expect:

  • Costume contests! Categories include:
    • Most Festive
    • Tackiest (who has ugly sweaters?)
    • Most Creative
    • Best Pet
  • Tacky Decorations contest! Raid your home and bring the best Christmas decoration to the camera.
  • Special Christmas musical performances!
  • A dramatic re-enactment of the Christmas Story by the Youth Counselors!

See you Friday!

Sign up for our Drive Through Bethlehem!

On Saturday, Dec 12 we’re doing a Drive Through Bethlehem Christmas program!

This is a Church community outreach that we get to be part of. The youth will be playing the roles of Jesus’ family the singing angels. My small group has already signed up together for a time slot. You can register here!

Video: Equipped for Battle

Our weekend youth service.