Upcoming Changes to our Mask Policy

As you know, early on in the pandemic our ministry team decided to follow the Irvine Unified School District’s (IUSD) policies for masks. Up until recently, this meant requiring masks when indoors with students. Starting on March 14, in accordance with state guidelines, IUSD will no longer be requiring masks indoors, but “strongly recommending.” You can read the full text here:


Our Haven counselors met last Sunday to discuss this policy change and whether or not we think it’s best to continue following IUSD policies. This team includes parents of Haven youth. We decided we ought to remain consistent with following IUSD’s policies.

Starting on Friday March 18, masks will no longer be required indoors at Haven, but strongly recommended. I plan to wear a mask and some counselors still will, but we will not be requiring them. We also will allow youth to eat indoors at our events.

Here is what is not changing: our commitment to care for the safety of Haven. We will continue to have hand sanitizer available at multiple places in our rooms. We will still run the central HVAC system with Merv-13 filters. We will still run HEPA filters in our Praise Center and JAM rooms, as well as the central office area. Also, we still offer live Zoom and Youtube streaming.

Our ministry team also understands that situations with Covid and its variants change regularly, and the time may come when we need to require masks again indoors.

Thanks for allowing us to serve your families, and we look forward to our continuing partnership in raising your youth to be resilient disciples of Jesus.

Pastor Elliott Siu

Haven Youth Ministries