We guide youth to own their faith and become lifelong followers of Jesus.


  1. Worship God. Are we giving God glory in the good and the bad?
  2. Grow Spiritually. Are we following the Bible and the Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus?
  3. Love one another. Are we noticing, accepting, and caring for the people God puts around us?
  4. Serve sacrificially. Are we helping others without expecting anything in return?
  5. Share Jesus. Are we reflecting Jesus in our daily conversations and actions?

A typical Friday Night:

Games. Fellowship! Builds relationships, creates trust, lowers walls.
Worship. Led by youth and youth leaders.
Message. Pastor Elliott, guest speaker, or video series addressing current events.
Small groups. Led by Counselors, focused on life application of messages, students being heard and prayed for by counselors, and by each other.
Snacks and hangout. Ministry in the in-between.

Our ministry is coordinated by Pastor Elliott Siu, who has a Masters of Divinity and a Masters in Counseling.

Elliott is a pastor with an assortment of experiences in multicultural, cross-denominational settings. He loves finding fresh ministry ideas and places in the Church for the marginalized.

Masters of Divinity. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
Masters in Counseling Ministry. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
B. A. Christian Education Ministry, Minors in Biblical Studies and Philosophy. Biola University.