We’re Starting In-Person!

Of course, we will be following all the CDC recommendations for Houses of Worship, even ones that aren’t mandatory. That means we’ll stay under our 50% limit (65.5 people), wear face masks (we have 50 extra if you need one), and stay six feet apart (leave room for Jesus).

Brand new 4-stage true HEPA filters for our space. They have WIFI!
Please don’t use your phone to turn them on and off during the messages.

Our events will also be streamed online, either through Zoom or Youtube.

Here’s the current plan:

Friday Youth Group will also be streamed on Zoom, and small groups will have their own Zoom devices.


  • 9:30am Praise Singing with be on ACW’s Youtube Stream
  • 9:45am-ish Haven Youth message will be on the Haven Youtube Stream
  • 10:45am Sunday School will be on Zoom
  • Sunday’s are a bit complicated, so we’re hoping to streamline it in the coming weeks as we test things out.

So here’s the schedule:

  • Friday, May 7 (tomorrow) is still 100% on Zoom. Please don’t come to CBCCOC this Friday, unless you want to sit there alone and Zoom on your phone.
  • Sunday, May 9 will be in-person and online as described above. It’s also Mother’s Day, so make your mom a card.
  • Friday, May 14 will be Youth Group in-person and online.
  • Also, our Wednesday games are still 100% Zoom for now.