We’re online now.

Hey everyone! This Friday we’ll be meeting online. Here’s how it will work.

We’ll be using Zoom for an online video chat. With your parent’s permission, click or tap this link. If you are using a mobile device, you may first need to install the Zoom app.

We’ll be hanging out together in shifts to catch up, do a devotional, and talk about prayer for the evening. Your parents are welcome to observe in the room with you if they’d like.

Here’s the schedule:
7:30pm to 7:50pm. JAM.
7:50 to 8:10pm. Freshmen/Sophomores.
8:10 to 8:20pm. Break.
8:20 to 8:40pm. Juniors.
8:40pm to 9:00pm. Seniors.

See you Friday!

– Elliott

Here’s Tonight’s Prayer Exercise:
The Lord’s Prayer

  • Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name
    • Talk to God about your relationship with Him as His child. How do you feel about calling Him your Father?
    • Talk to God about ways He has acted as your good Father.
    • Ask God how He feels about you as His child.
    • Talk with God about the spiritual family you have.
    • Pray about what God is like. His power. His goodness. His Holiness.
    • Ask God about how you are doing representing His name.
  • Your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven
    • Ask God to help you seek His kingdom in your thoughts. In your desires. In your actions.
    • Admit areas where you are seeking your own kingdom and will over His. Ask Him to change your motivation.
    • Pray about how you can participate in His kingdom and will.
    • Pray for those in your life who are not in God’s kingdom.
    • Ask for God to reach them.
  • Give us this day our daily bread
    • What do you need to faithfully live in God’s kingdom? Ask God for that.
    • Who in your life doesn’t have what they need? Ask God to show you how you can help them.
    • What areas of your life are you living in excess? Ask God to show you what is really necessary for you to spend on yourself. Ask for help being content.
    • Thank God for everything He has given you.

  • Forgive us our debts, as we also forgive our debtors
    • What is hard about asking for forgiveness? Pray about it.
    • Are there sins in your life you have become comfortable with?
    • Ask God to search you and show you areas you need to repent of.
    • Pray for forgiveness. Talk with God about the ways that it’s hard for you to live for Him. Ask for His help.
    • Receive God’s grace. Thank Him for already paying for the cost of your sin through Jesus. Talk about how you feel about Jesus’ death and resurrection.
    • Who in your life might you need to forgive? Pray for them. Ask for God’s help.
  • Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
    • What temptations do you know are a problem for you? Ask for God’s strength.
    • How can you be more alert for temptation? Ask God to help you.
    • Remember that God is stronger than Satan. Ask God to help you overcome what Satan wants to do in your life.